What are Component Speaker Systems?
Separate woofers and tweeters

This is what separates the everyday listener from the Audiophiles. Back in 1979 DLS Audio was one of the pioneers of the in-car sound reproduction phenomenon that changed the way we commute or just enjoy a leisurely drive.

Listeners will be able to experience their music rather than just listening to it, the sound quality of components in combination with their ability to position the tweeters and mid-range is far better than the regular coaxial.

Remember that coaxial have all the sound coming from one direction, and is usually in the doors below knee level. Music shouldn’t be coming from below you, it should sound as if the music is coming from in front of you.

With separates the listener will have the choice of having the tweeter placed at a higher level to (separate) the sound and therefore be able to hear the details in the music. This is accomplished with the help of an external passive crossover that is included with the set. Most manufactures allow the user to open the cross over to access the tweeter settings by moving the jumpers or flipping a switch on the circuit board. Such an example of that is on our DLS UP6i Ultimate Series 2-Way 6-1/2" Component Speaker System. To take advantage of the rich sound from components, we recommend that they be powered by an external amplifier and tuned to the way you prefer.