What are Car Alarms and Remote Start Systems?Alarms, Remote Starters & GPS Tracking, oh my….

When deciding to purchase a vehicle security system there are some things that you might want to consider. Do I want just an alarm that covers the basics? Like door entry points and trunk protection? Have you thought about starter immobilization and sound deterrent? 

Now a days the vehicle security system covers all types of entry points on your vehicle, including the hood. We all want the luxury of keyless entry and hands free entry without the use of a transmitter to gain access to our vehicles.

What about your keyless entry system already provided from the manufacture? You do realize that the system only covers the attempt to physically start your vehicle without at key. These systems do not cover entry points (doors, trunk, Hood) that is why there are "add-on" systems for your existing Keyless entry system. The key fob provided by the manufacture will arm and disarm the add-on system.

Then there is the GPS tracking system that can be added to your alarm. This will provide location reports to the owner via Smartphone, or email. The owner will be able to access the tracking system via the smartphone with the provided App, or by computer at the website. This type of access will cost the owner a monthly access that is usually paid up front, and provides unlimited tracking. The main reason people choose this system is that you can track the locations (bread crumbs) and unlock a door from a remote location.

Now with all the vehicle security and remote start systems to choose from, you should consider what options you want and we will explore more of these options in the next articles.